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Visitation Report

Visitation Report


The Visitation Report is the Guardian’s field work product and should include answers to question consider during your Initial Visit and as a reminder for those subsequent visits with the Child; and with those Visits with everyone associated with the Child’s care, safety, welfare, health and education. By documenting a thorough examination of the Child’s life, environment, needs and desires through your Visitation Reports, you will have laid the foundation to effectively begin “Writing a Report to the Court” more straightforwardly and comprehensively. Because of the distinct aspect of every case assigned to a guardian, these instructions cannot be an all-inclusive list of questions for every circumstance but have been thoughtfully prepared as a training tool to aid in your fieldwork. It is imperative to the integrity of the program to remember to document any concerns that you become aware of, or see as a potential to arise and reported them timely to your Case Advisory Manager (CAM).

Judicial Circuit 7 Guardian ad Litem Program

Shirley Holland, R.N., Circuit Director

Jody Alvarez, Circuit 7 GAL Program Director

Primary Objective

Conducting visits, interviews and making a detailing of your observations will assist the Court in determining what is in the Best Interest of the Child under your care. It is the Guardian ad Litem principal goal. Writing the Visitation Report is an important aspect of your responsibilities. The report has been structured to follow the same focuses as the mandated Judicial Review, GAL Report to the Court.

A.     Permanency Recommendations

B.     Placement / Safety of the Child

C.     Observations of the Child by the Guardian through Visitations

D.     Observations on Parental, Sibling or Familial Interactions and Visits

E.     Services Needed for the Child

F.     Statement(s) of the Wishes of the Child

G.     Any Other points developed or observed by the GAL

All Reports Must Include

Case No.           Date and time of visit          Name of Guardian ad Litem (GAL) conducting visit:

  • Child’s NAME:
  • Date of Birth:
  • Address: (may be excluded if security requires)
  • Name of current Caregiver / Foster Parent:
  • Type of Visit: (please select one)
    • Announced  /  Unannounced  /  Emergency

A.     Permanency Recommendations

B.     Placement / Safety

  • Name of people present during this visit.
  • Has the Child’s placement changed since your last visit?
  • Describe the new placement.
  • What is the setting of this visit?
  • Name / age / relationship of people living in the home.
  • Did you tour the home and view Child’s sleeping area or arraignments?
  • Do you have any apprehensions or concerns with the current placement, home environment or sleeping area?
  • Does the Caregiver / Foster Parent express any concerns with the placement?
  • How is the home financially sustained?
  • Is there adequate food in the home?
  • Does the child have adequate clothing?
  • Are there any environmental concerns?
  • Are there any safety concerns?

C.     Observations of the Child / and Guardian Visitations

  • How did the Child act or appear at this appointment?
  • If the Child is on any medication did you observe side effects?
  • Does the Child indicate the medication having any side-effects? Does the Caregiver indicate the medication having any side-effects?
  • Does the School / Day Care indicate the medication having any side-effects?

D.     Observations on Parental Visits / Sibling or Familial Interactions

  • Is the Child visiting with their parents?
  • Are the visits;
    • Unsupervised  /  Supervised 
  • How often, where and under what conditions?
  • How is the visitation progressing?
  • If there are siblings, are they in the same home?
  • What are the arrangements for sibling visitation?
  • What are the sleeping arrangements?

E.     Services Needed for the Child

  • Do you believe this child would benefit from required; medical, dental or vision needs, therapeutic or mental health care, educational or surrogate requirements?
  • Is Caregiver receiving any financial or medical support for the Child?
  • Disability, special needs
    • Has the child been tested for disability, educational needs?
    • Does the child have a disability that adversely impacts her/his education?
    • Does the child receive special education and related services?
    • Does the child have an IEP (individualized education plan) current?
    • Does the child have a Behavior Intervention Plan?
  • Does the Child have any other needs?

F.     Statement(s) of the Wishes of the Child

  • Is there any information the Child wants the court to know?
  • Does the child want to attend court?
  • In your opinion will the Child’s Best Interest be served with the Child t attending the upcoming court hearings?
  • Will attending the court upset the child?
  • Will attending court upset the child’s routine?
  • Who will transport the child?
  • If the child cannot be present, does the child want to write a letter to the Judge to express their wishes or to ask that the foster parents be present on their behalf?
  • Does the child need to visit the courtroom prior to court appearance?

G.     Child’s Status

  • Where is the Child attending School / Day Care?
  • Did you obtained Child’s attendance records and review the latest progress reports?
  • Is the Child in special classes?         
  • How is the Child doing in School / Day Care?
  • Do you have any concerns regarding School/Day Care?    
  • Does the School / Day Care provider have any concerns regarding the Child’s behavior?
  • How is the child cared for after school or while the adults work?
  • How does the child get to and from school?
  • Any truancy issues?
  • Is the Child on any medication? What is the name of the medication, the dosage and diagnosis? (You should request to see the medication and obtain this information directly from the container)

H.     OTHER

  • Is there ANY information or comment you feel is important to NOTE for this visit:

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  • Serving children and families in… Volusia, Flagler, Putnam and St. Johns County.